Web Financial Group announces the launch of LiveADs’ Alpari (UK) campaign

Madrid and London - 17 April 2012

Web Financial Group, S.A. (WebFG), a leading provider of hosted information services to the financial services industry with headquarters in Madrid, today announced the launch of LiveADs, an innovative service which provides real-time data, streamed to online banners as a “rich-media” add-on. WebFG can provide a broad range of market data; equities, indices, FX and news from the WebStreamer-managed service platform. There are no limits to the types of data that can be delivered, even sports feeds with scores for cricket, tennis, football, etc.

Global FX broker Alpari (UK) is the first customer to work with WebFG on this revolutionary concept, which is particularly relevant to the trading sector. The ad campaign sees the exchange rates of various FX currency pairs being streamed in real-time to their online ads and LiveADs is linked in to provide the streaming component.

Chantelle Johnson, Global Brand Marketing Manager at Alpari (UK), said: “We are excited about being the first company to offer LiveAds technology to our clients. As a technology leader, Alpari (UK) believes that advertising in the digital age is about providing added value and this technology allows us to deliver extra value with every ad displayed. The idea behind this project is that traders see the information and use the exchange rates as a reminder to trade or to alert them to trading opportunities.”

LiveADs are offered as a “rich-media” premium CPM with respect to standard ad campaigns These can continue to be served through the usual agency ad servers. Clients simply add tags to their creative designs to have the LiveADs updates delivered by WebFG in real-time.

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