For Investment Client Reporting, Marketing & Pitchbook Content - Varden Technologies and PAICR Announce a Webcast on Investment Communications Strategies and Operations

Boston - 13 April 2012

Varden Technologies and PAICR offer a peer review exercise on content strategies and responsiveness in assessment of competitive investment client servicing, sales, and marketing models.

Varden Technologies joins PAICR to offer a members-only webcast on April 26, 2012, entitled "A Survey & Discussion: How Responsive Is Your Investment External Communications Strategy and Why?"

The webcast will provide a peer-review synopsis of how operational and strategic models have progressed, across sampled investment communications teams, in response to specific advances in business systems.

PAICR is a non-profit association created for and facilitated by investment marketing and communications professionals. PAICR members number in the hundreds, representing investment firms throughout North America, the U.K., and Australia. Varden Technologies is a data integration and investment communications technologies firm, focused on the production, governance, and publication of client reporting, data-driven pitchbook, and marketing content.

Preceding the webcast, a secure survey is active at until 5:00pm EST on April 19, 2012. PAICR members are asked to participate by providing anonymous responses. Anonymous result sets will be serialized to form the basis for the webcast’s discussion on trends and practices. Varden will be leveraged to provide comparative views on where and why they have focused their technical designs and feature sets across their 90+ relationships. PAICR members will gain a post-webcast paper as the exercise’s end-deliverable for internal discussions.

Minh Nguyen, Varden’s Director, shares “We’re happy to participate in this exercise. The intent is to survey how ops and strategies have been jolted by two industry progressions that finally have arrived to investment communications teams, as they had and will arrive to other business lines. The first is this migration from manual workflow to intelligent automation, where labor is geared for strategy advancements versus just status quo. The second is this conversion from desktop-based software to enterprise-deployed platforms which opens up to-be-discussed topics like content responsiveness, data self-servicing, and post-publication controls of content.”

“As a solution provider, we can’t build software in a vacuum. We actively go out and we engage clients and good organizations, like PAICR, to grow conversations, to learn from, and to share. Software may solve operational inefficiencies but they don’t necessarily direct and can’t force strategies. That’s left up to good people who shape their visions everyday to adapt and to negotiate against needs. So we thank PAICR members for allowing us to participate, to share our views, and to learn from you, who are daily practitioners and strategists. Exercises like this help propel our work in business systems like pitchbook software and client reporting software.” Perry Harris, Varden’s President, contributes.

Varden is a proud sponsor of PAICR, beginning in 2011 and renewed in 2012. PAICR’s upcoming events include the RFP Symposium, on May 21, and the Annual Conference, on September 10 – 12.

Gail Prins-Visser, PAICR’s President, closes with, “PAICR frequently uses Web-based events as we reach across borders to share industry movements and current practices. Marketing for financial services is an increasingly important industry role, and our purpose is to help our members learn, connect and succeed. We leverage this event with Varden Technologies as part of our continuous commitment to strengthen our members.”

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