Rotterdam - 10 April 2012

BPC Banking Technologies drives nationwide payment processing solution for fleet services

BPC Banking Technologies, the leading provider of Open System e-payment solutions for the global financial industry, announces the completion of a project to implement an innovative combination of SmartVista, the Company’s end to end payments solution and RFID technology. The project delivers an integrated solution for Ukraine’s fleet operators managing all aspects of petrol sales in the country. BPC inked the ground breaking deal with ITBI, Ltd. – a service company for Ukrainian petrol operators.

By integrating SmartVista with RFID technology, BPC partnering with ITBI provided the national fuel station network managed by ITBI with an open, harmonized and real time fleet operations infrastructure.

The new solution includes the attachment of a unique, vehicle identifying, RFID tag to fleet vehicles, which works in conjunction with an RFID source on petrol pump nozzles. SmartVista provides on-line authorization for each fueling transaction as well as the subsequent clearing and settlement between the participating organizations. SmartVista also supports overall scheme management through a central data base containing details of participating fleet companies, vehicle identifiers, fuel station merchant codes and RFID tags, as well as transaction limits and fees. Many of SmartVista’s capabilities were utilized in bringing this project to the market including its sophisticated limits hierarchy, personalization and activation services (the vehicle RFID tags are personalized and activated through a SmartVista interface), multi institution management and high volume processing.

This on-line open system for refueling payments brings new opportunities for fleet companies to reduce fuel related fraud, reduce fleet fuel costs, raise operational efficiency and be confident in the resilience of the whole infrastructure. BPC has developed an open, scalable solution that can be deployed across the network of fuel stations in different countries regardless of the amount of participants. SmartVista also provides robust credit management capabilities along with a comprehensive loyalty application that could provide further added value to the fleet vehicle business.

“This project illustrates again the capacity of SmartVista to answer different and complex business challenges in multiple markets - this time integrating with RFID technology. We are excited by the opportunities this new solution opens up for BPC in the world-wide fleet services industry”, said Vasily Grigoriev, CEO, BPC Banking Technologies.

“We are extremely proud to have played such a pivotal role in the transformation of Ukraine’s fleet services market. It has been very interesting to work with the multiple players involved in this project and to have created a modern open system, compliant with international standards, that brings such a range of benefits to all the participants”, commented Vasily Volynsky, MD, BPC-Ukraine.

“We are delighted with new solution from BPC. The Company quickly understood the complexity of our requirements and worked very effectively alongside all the companies involved to deliver us exactly what we needed. We now have an infrastructure that allows easy participation by any oil company, fleet operator and filling station chain; bringing us operational efficiency and commercial flexibility”, added Eduard Fedun, CFO, ITBI.

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