Cleaning SmartSource scanners of ink and dirt now becomes easier with Waffletechnology

Auburn, ME - 5 October 2011

Burroughs Payment Systems and KICTeam release special cleaning card designed to remove inks, paper particles and other dirt from scanner lenses.

Burroughs Payment Systems and KICTeam recently released a cleaning card designed specifically to remove inks, paper particles, and other dirt from the scanner lenses of the Burroughs SmartSource® check and document scanners. The new cleaning card product was co-developed in an effort to maintain the scanner lenses that provide high-resolution and high-clarity check and document images to the banking industry under the Check 21 laws and provisions.

“KICTeam is very excited that Burroughs Payment Systems recognizes that there is value in partnering with us in order to fulfill all the distribution channels currently in the marketplace,” said Debra Ross, Global Product Manager, KICTeam. “The idea is to mutually grow and incorporate custom products into Burroughs’ customer base offering them even more options.”

Alan Howard, President and CEO of Burroughs Payment Systems said, “Waffletechnology will complement our current rapid-cleaning processes for continued quick and simple maintenance ensuring our scanners are used more efficiently.”

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