OpenText Global 360 Survey: Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Outpacing 2007 Deployments, But Companies Still Lack a Clear Strategy

05 October 2011

Results of "How are Businesses Using Microsoft® SharePoint® in the Enterprise? Fall 2011 Market Survey" also indicates business process management and workflow is top third-party application

OpenText today unveiled the results of How are Businesses using Microsoft® SharePoint® in the Enterprise? Fall 2011 Market Survey. The survey is conducted semi-annually to determine the breadth and depth of Microsoft SharePoint usage in the market today, to understand how companies are driving value out of their implementations, and to identify challenges related to their investment.

Key survey results:

SharePoint 2010 Deployments Now Outpace SharePoint 2007 Forty-nine percent of respondents use SharePoint 2010 as their primary deployment, with 43% using SharePoint 2007. Results of this survey published in January 2011 showed 44% of respondents using SharePoint 2010 and 43% using SharePoint 2007, illustrating that there are nearly equivalent levels of SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 adoption. August 2010 survey results showed 8% of respondents using SharePoint 2010 and 81% using SharePoint 2007 indicating that adoption of the 2010 edition continues to grow at a strong pace.

Business Process Management and Workflow are Top Third-Party Applications Sixty-seven percent of respondents indicated they are using or planning to use workflow and business process management (BPM) with their SharePoint implementation. Additionally, BPM and workflow are the top-rated third-party add-on applications either being used or being considered by SharePoint users. Twenty-three percent of participants indicated that over 50% of mission-critical documents are stored in their SharePoint environment, further complementing the increasing need to understand and automate the process flow of critical documents.

Growing Concern Over Lack of Business Strategy for SharePoint Implementations Lack of business strategy is the second largest implementation challenge within organisations. This has grown since past surveys, ranking as the fourth largest concern in the January 2011 survey. This growing concern indicates that organisations are focused on developing an enterprise-wide strategy designed to align business and IT and can achieve this through leveraging BPM and workflow applications, as these tools are a growing trend among SharePoint deployments.

"This survey gives us valuable insight into the current trends and challenges organisations face in their SharePoint deployments," said Lubor Ptacek, Vice President, Strategic Marketing & General Manager, Microsoft Solutions at OpenText. "With this information, which will be available to the public, we have a better understanding of our customer's needs allowing us to improve our products, solve customer problems and grow OpenText's presence in the SharePoint market."

OpenText conducted this survey in September 2011. Three hundred and sixty two people familiar with SharePoint from multiple industries worldwide participated in the survey. Previous survey results published in August 2010 and January 2011. The survey results were released during a panel discussion at the SharePoint User Conference.

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