Aconite launches Mobile Application Management Solution

London - 26 October 2011

Aconite has announced a new issuer solution for managing apps in secure elements on mobiles.

Aconite Mobile Application Manager™ enables application issuers to install and to manage the life-cycles of apps in the mobile handset’s Secure Element using the new standards for mobile application management and security that have been published by GlobalPlatform. With increasing numbers of NFC mobiles now rolling out, there is growing demand for this solution across many sectors, including payments, access, ID, loyalty, ticketing and proximity marketing.

Aconite’s extensive global experience with smart payment card systems translates directly into the mobile domain —Aconite’s proven solutions for smart card lifecycle management and transaction processing represent a pedigree that guarantees the reliability, scalability and flexibility of Aconite’s Mobile Application Manager.

To allow an application issuer such as a bank, transit operator or card personalization bureau to deliver their apps to all their customers, irrespective of their brand of phone, mobile network or the type of Secure Element(s) the phone contains, Aconite’s Mobile Application Manager creates and manages the issuer’s Security Domain and provides data preparation and secure delivery of apps and updates. These are sent to the appropriate TSM (Trusted Service Manager) for the individual customer’s mobile, which then delivers the apps or updates to the handset.

Aconite’s Mobile Application Manager frees application issuers from having to manage multiple Security Domains and the interfaces with multiple TSMs. Issuers become independent of TSMs, mobile networks and any other delivery channels and can concentrate on meeting the needs of their customers without the burden of maintaining multiple delivery channel relationships and their complex infrastructures.

Aconite’s Mobile Application Manager can provide a private channel for an issuer to install and manage apps in their Security Domain on the handset, without any data being visible to a third party such as a TSM or mobile network operator.

Aconite’s Mobile Application Manager can be owned and operated by an application issuer, such as a bank, transit operator, loyalty scheme, eID provider etc., or by a third party service provider who can offer outsourced services to issuers.

Mike Woods, Aconite CEO, said “Providing a mobile solution for our existing and future customers is a natural extension of Aconite’s existing smart card solutions. The mobile market is developing at a rapid pace and in responding to that Aconite will be making further announcements in the near future on its market plans and global mobile partnerships.”

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