XENTIS Investment Compliance: The flexible and efficient solution comes out on top

Urdorf, Switzerland - 20 October 2011

The XENTIS Investment Compliance solution of the Swiss software provider Profidata Group is currently one of the most innovative investment compliance products on the market. The software is based on «business rules», a standardised rule-language which simplifies the implementation of business requirements. The solution can be used as an integral part of XENTIS or as a best-of-breed enhancement to core-systems.

Wide range of functionality combined with exceptional usability
The XENTIS Investment Compliance solution was developed with the objective to considerably minimise the administrative effort the setup of investment compliance rules usually entails and to maximise the quality of the limit checks. The system features an integrated simulation-centre which serves to verify new or modified investment limit rules before they can be migrated through an automated routine from the development- or testenvironment to the productive system. Even users who do not have detailed system knowledge can handle the outstandingly intuitive user interface very quickly. The workflow- based solution provides the latest in functionality and includes ex-ante and ex-post checks to monitor active as well as passive limit breaches. In addition, the limit calculation can include structured financial instruments as a whole or as decomposed single components. Pre-defined «country rule sets» (e.g. for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, etc.) further minimise the configuration effort.

Clients of Profidata impressed by quality of investment compliance
A Luxembourg-based investment company, for example, dismissed its previous bestof- breed application to best profit from the synergies that the integrated investment management system XENTIS creates, while a Swiss transaction bank is using XENTIS Investment Compliance exclusively as an add-on solution to their current core system.

«With XENTIS Investment Compliance we deliver an efficient solution that is unprecedented on the market»; says Mr. Christian Widmer, CEO and chairman of the supervisory board of Profidata Group; «the majority of our clients use it to control internal, contractual and regulatory investment compliance. The users state significant reductions in administrative efforts and cost.»

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