ReconArt goes live at First National Bankers Bank, Baton Rouge, LA

19 October 2011

ReconArt announces the go-live of its ReconArt.netâ„¢ Cloud-based Reconciliation Software-as-a-Service at First National Bankers Bank headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Arlington, VA, USA—ReconArt announces the successful implementation of its Cloud-based™ subscription service at First National Bankers Bank (FNBB) after a 6 week total elapsed project from contract execution to go-live.

Requiring no more than a web browser for all administrative, end user and reporting activities, ReconArt™ has initially been deployed to automate the FNBB’s daily Federal Reserve and correspondent bank reconciliation activities. After a highly successful initial project, plans are in place to expand its use to other daily matching and exception resolution activities. The bank is also considering taking advantage of the Total Reconciliation Lifecycle™ design of ReconArt™ with its period end GL reconciliation component.

“When we selected ReconArt as our partner we knew we would be merging four banks into one” says Carolyn Dyer, EVP & CFO of First National Bankers Bank. “What we did not anticipate was doing this at the same time as implementing ReconArt™. That we were able to achieve this simultaneously is testimony to the system’s ease of deployment and intuitiveness for users.”

According to Nicolo Nisbett, EVP Sales at ReconArt, “We are delighted to have delivered a high value implementation of our™ subscription-based reconciliation service at FNBB to provide a standardized platform for the enlarged bank’s needs throughout its reconciliation lifecycle.”

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