Demonstrators eye London Stock Exchange

13 October 2011

Demonstrators are lining up a protest outside the London Stock Exchange to vent their frustration over financial inequality and to advocate the need for higher taxation of the rich.

Around 4,000 individuals are expected to take part in a peaceful gathering on 15 October 2011, according to Kai Wargalla, one of the organisers of Occupy London Stock Exchange.

The student told Bloomberg that the group plans to get together in Paternoster Square, which is located close to the offices of Bank of America Corp and Goldman Sachs Group - which also has a presence in many cities around the world, including Paris, Frankfurt and Sydney.

Ms Wargalla stated: "We are protesting against social and financial injustices. If you look at the financial sector and the political and regulatory system they don't work for us, the common man."

Such a mass movement is the latest instalment of the demonstration that began in New York City via the Occupy Wall Street initiative.

By Gary Cooper

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