Uncover the Real Reasons Behind Staff Attrition - ORC International Launches engage for leavers

London - 11 October 2011

Innovative, customisable survey product investigates why employees leave and reduces staff turnover.

Global market research firm ORC International today announces the launch of engage for leavers, a versatile new survey product that allows organisations to easily evaluate the views and opinions of workers leaving their employment.

Built by engagement experts, engage for leavers is a straight-forward solution that lets organisations effectively gather leavers' views in a stress-free online environment.

This comprehensive employee survey product has been designed for organisations of all sizes, and provides professional, feature-rich leavers surveys without expensive consultancy fees.

The leavers module helps organisations to:

- Indentify the main drivers behind employees' decisions to leave (e.g. disengagement, career progression or issues with management)

- Ensure employees remain positive about the company and their experiences after they have left

- Reduce labour turnover and in turn minimise the costs involved in recruiting new staff

Rory MacNeill, Managing Director of ORC International's Employee Research division comments: "engage for leavers gives organisations the opportunity to really understand employees' motives and feelings as they are leaving a company. Just because an employee is leaving does not necessarily mean that they are disengaged. By asking the right questions and getting insight from employees at this key time, organisations stand a good chance of minimising feelings of discontent and ultimately reducing staff turnover."

This is one of three modules in the engage product range. The other products are designed to survey employee engagement and joiners.

MacNeill continues: "This product has been developed on the foundations of ORC International's expertise. We understand the vital importance of giving organisations access to validated questions, global benchmarking and reporting tools, and specifically designed engage for leavers to address this need."

For over 25 years, ORC International has been managing the world's largest and most complex employee surveys and is renowned for providing pioneering, state-of-the-art research solutions.

For a limited time, the engage product range is being offered with a 50% price reduction. For the leavers and joiners engage modules, the reduction will apply to an annual licence throughout 2012 and for engage itself; the discount is on any single survey taken during 2012. To qualify for the discount, the product must be purchased in Q4 2011.

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