First ETC on German electricity prices

7 November 2011

Twelve new ETCs from DB ETC Index plc launched on Xetra

Twelve more exchange traded commodities issued by db ETC Index plc have been tradable for the first time since Monday.

The db Strom ETC allows investors to participate in the performance of German electricity prices for the first time. The db German Electricity EUR Index reference index will be represented via electricity futures contracts, initially with a maturity of one calendar year. These contracts will be traded on the European Energy Exchange (EEX). Expiring futures contracts will be replaced once a year in November with a new one-year futures contract.

The db Commodity Risk Balanced Euro Hedged ETC mirrors the roll-optimised performance of a commodities basket made up of the following four commodities
sectors: Optimum Yield Agriculture, Optimum Yield Energy, Optimum Yield Industrial Metals and Optimum Yield Precious Metals. This means that 14 different commodities will be taken into account: aluminium, Brent crude oil, Chicago wheat, copper, corn, petrol, gold, heating oil, natural gas, silver, soya beans, sugar, WTI crude oil and zinc. The ETC is hedged against currency risks.

In addition, investors will have the opportunity to invest in a leveraged and inverse performance for the following commodities: gold, silver, WTI crude oil, Brent crude oil and natural gas.

All db ETCs are backed by physically deposited gold bars.

Deutsche Börse’s ETC segment product range currently comprises 202 instruments.
The monthly trading volume of ETCs on Xetra averages around €900 million.

Xetra® is a registered trademark of Deutsche Börse AG.

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