Direct mail reborn...

7 November 2011

Specialist marketing agency, YesCity, is celebrating the resurgent success of direct mail aimed at senior players in the financial markets. DM fell by the wayside in the wake of e-mailings which were - and are - much cheaper to execute. but senior executives are now swamped with email and will only give attention to those that really matter. And the volume of DM they receive is now relatively low. The result - well-considered mailing pieces can and do grab attention.

"It's all about getting past the gatekeeper," says Tom Brannan of YesCity. "A simple letter plus leaflet package just won't cut it unless you have a really compelling proposition. We look for an item to use that echoes what the client wants to say - then present it with a combination of wit and wisdom that puts a smile on their faces when it is received."

The agency recently mailed 200 key prospects of a leading payment solution provider, aiming to get them to call on the client's stand at SIBOS. "We sent a pair of very classy laptop speakers," says Brannan, "but without the cables! We invited them to the stand to collect the cables - and over 65% of them turned up." That is, by the agency's own admission, an astonishing result.

The agency says that, as always, DM works best as part of an overall campaign, using a variety of techniques and media to get the message across. "In our specialist area of technology and finance," Brannan adds, "we have mailed everything from handcuffs to Roman coins - genuine ones. Typically, 60% plus of recipients will take a follow-up call from the sales team. It is incredibly effective."

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