MultiCarta Processing Company embarks on servicing the VTB Group on TranzWare platform

28 November 2011

MultiCarta and Compass Plus have commenced the final stage of modernising one of the largest processing centres in Russia that services the international banking and financial group – VTB Group. The entire TranzWare product suite was integrated into the architecture of MultiCarta’s in-house processing system and put into commercial use in August 2010. Since then a gradual transfer of the serviced banks has been in progress, as well as connecting new customers to the TranzWare processing platform. The VTB24 ATM network is currently being migrated to TranzWare.

Evaluating the results of almost two years’ work, the CEO of MultiCarta Mikhail Zhuravlev, highlights the significantly broader functionalities of the new processing solution: «The advanced capabilities, adaptability of TranzWare products as well as the professionalism of Compass Plus’ team allowed us to start operating in production mode in as little as 6 months after the project commenced. Without interrupting the service and without changing the interaction technology for our customers, we gradually switch them to being serviced in the new processing system. Our practical experience confirmed that we have made the right choice and now we have started a large-scale migration of the VTB Group’s acquiring network, whereby we switch up to 50 ATMs to the new system every day. Our immediate plans include EMV-card issuing for VTB24 and 3D-Secure certification».

«As a result of this modernisation, not only can we meet the increasing business demands of our main customer – the VTB Group, but we can also offer our partners state-of-the-art processing services. Implementing technological solutions that are high in demand and offering customers quality and convenient services are the main priorities of MultiCarta when it comes to working with partner banks», Alexey Blinov, the Head of Account Management Department at MultiCarta, commented on another stage of the collaboration between the two companies.

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