QuantHouse launches ‘QuantBOX MDOE’ for ultimate trading performance and flexibility

Paris, London and New York - 14 November 2011

QuantHouse, the leading provider of next generation trading solutions, has launched QuantBOX, the firm’s FPGA-based Market Data Offload Engine (MDOE), in response to high industry demand. The service combines the processing power of a hardware accelerator and the flexibility of cutting-edge software.

Increases in market activity and the never-ending race to reduce trading latency, has led the way for decoding times to be streamlined thereby enabling trading firms to benefit from latencies with less than 0.6 microseconds from the current levels.

FPGA works by using thousands of processing engines, connected to one another, each performing its task in one or several processing pipelines. By correctly tuning the architecture, it is possible to process incoming data an order of magnitude faster than software only offers. Furthermore, as algorithms are processed deterministically in hardware it provides a deviation of less than 0.1 microsecond.

The Market Data Offload Engine, connected to the firm’s existing feed handler software, delivers the same flexibility as the software-only solution but with improved performance.

QuantHouse clients now benefit from a high level of data normalization accessible via one API (Application Programming Interface); easier integration with the product available in Java, C# or C++ through Multicast, TCP/IP and IPC; increased flexibility with added order book management, recovery system and fail over.

Pierre Feligioni, General Manager and Founder of QuantHouse, said:

“We see companies coming from the electronics industry (aeronautics, medical, and video) producing hardware-only products. They do not provide flexibility and leave much of the processing on the client side, whereas the QuantBOX MDOE offering is unique and leverages our ten-year knowledge of the financial industry, software and electronics.”

Stephane Leroy, Head of Global Sales & Marketing of QuantHouse, concluded:

“QuantHouse clients can take advantage of state-of-the-art technology at affordable prices. We continue to be the fastest, most reliable and efficient system in the market, thanks to our strong research and development team and open dialogue with the industry to ensure we deliver solutions that best serve our clients’ needs.”

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