Sybase Extends Innovation in Capital Markets Analytics by Integrating Sybase RAP with the Statistical Programming Language R

London – 9 November 2011

New R Support Offers the Power of Predictive, Real-Time, and Historical Data Analytics with a Single Data Management Platform

Sybase, Inc., an SAP company (NYSE: SAP) and industry leader in enterprise and mobile software, today announced support for the R Statistical programming language with Sybase RAP – The Trading Edition®, a leading analytics server for financial services. The combination of R, the leading statistical programming language for data scientists and business analysts, along with Sybase RAP, enables faster algorithm development and extensive back-testing on historical data, making market data analytics even more powerful for quants, traders and risk managers.

“The intensive demands placed upon data management, analytics and risk management, coupled with extraordinary time compression, mark a new era for capital markets firms and all solution providers,” said Dushyant Shahrawat, senior research director at TowerGroup, a Corporate Executive Board company. “The integration of risk analytics solutions with the R statistical programming language, places two complementary analytical, risk management and complex data-processing assets in one platform. That can constitute a major advantage for firms using it.”

Sybase RAP is a unified market and trading analytics data platform that allows capital markets firms to make better trading and portfolio decisions across the trade lifecycle. By integrating its product with R, Sybase is providing users with a more powerful approach to analyzing larger and much more complex data. The integration enables users to leverage functions in R packages within RAP using SQL. R users, in turn, are able to develop models faster and with more accuracy by storing vast amounts of historical data for analysis and pre-processing using RAP.

“In today’s markets where volatility is considered the ‘new normal,’” said Casey King, director of Phronesis, LLC and executive director of the Yale Center of Analytical Sciences, “our research indicates that intraday portfolio rebalancing can yield impressive returns even in periods of profound market volatility. But what is essential to these returns is a quick and efficient reaction to changing market conditions. Sybase RAP with R integration now provides quants, traders, risk and portfolio managers with the speed and agility to realize these returns. This is a strong signal that it would be a mistake to discount Sybase as simply a relational database company.”

With the latest release of Sybase RAP, users can access functions running on an R server, via the RAPStore user-defined functions (UDF) capability and invoke them as SQL functions within RAP. R customers can use the RJDBC package, to access data on the RAPStore. By doing pre-processing on the RAP server, users can download the relevant subset of data and use it in their applications without having to download all the data and do the pre-processing in R, resulting in faster algorithm development. Additionally, they can also access large historical datasets in RAP for algorithm development and more accurate back-testing.

“R is an increasingly popular analytical package in capital markets, providing risk managers and quant traders with deeper analytics to help make better decisions,” Neil McGovern, director of financial services product management at Sybase, an SAP company. “Through interoperability with R, we are further enhancing the value of RAP to support the most demanding analytics requirements in capital markets via a single platform.”

Sybase RAP provides shared access to common data needed by multiple user communities including quantitative analysts, traders and risk managers, enabling the development of faster, smarter and extensively tested trading decisions firm-wide.

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