Rosslyn Analytics Launches World’s First and Only Same Day ‘Buy and Use’ Contract Management App

London and New York - 1 November 2011

Cloud-based RA.Pid Contract Management lowers cost of contract management software from $100,000s to just $99 per month.

Developed for speed and ease-of-use, Rosslyn Analytics’ new cloud-based contract management app, RA.Pid Contract Management, gives procurement and legal departments with same-day visibility into contracts for just $99 per month.

“Rosslyn Analytics has developed an innovative, user-friendly contract management capability that has enhanced our firm’s ability to efficiently manage enterprise-wide risks at the push of a button without the cost and complexity of traditional software solutions,” commented Julian Cranwell, Strategic Procurement Manager, Clifford Chance.

Developed by Rosslyn Analytics, the leader in one-click data discovery and business intelligence software, the ground-breaking self-service enterprise app reduces from weeks to hours the time users spend obtaining and managing contracts and contract-related supplier compliance and supply chain risks.

Fully integrated into the cloud-based RA.Pid data analytics platform, RA.Pid Contract Management provides all global users with an unequalled searchable, reporting and alerting contract management system in seconds.

“Traditional contract management systems are a ticking time bomb of undiscovered costs and risks for organizations,” said Charles Clark, CEO of Rosslyn Analytics. “Today marks the end of building or configuring contract management software solutions. The RA.Pid Contract Management app sheds new light on commercial risks within seconds of loading contract data into the RA.Pid data analytics platform.”

The consumerization of contract management software
The new RA.Pid Contract Management is as easy to buy and use as a web app, yet more powerful than traditional on-premise contract management systems.

In an industry first, organizations are able to manage suppliers by setting contract triggers by date, value and volume. This unique alerting mechanism is possible because customers using the RA.Pid data analytics platform automatically have a consolidated view of all spend-related data, including contracts, tax, and other third-party data feeds such as supplier credit scores and carbon ratings.

Other user-friendly features of the app include:

• A “drop and drag” functionality that streamlines the loading and management of documents into the RA.Pid Contract Management repository.
• Users are also able to directly import contract data from any structured data source using Rosslyn Analytics’ suite of one-click data extraction apps for SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards and PeopleSoft.
• To make sense of thousands of contracts, customers now have a choice of manually classifying contracts to their preferred taxonomy, or they can use the AI-based RA.DAR engine to auto-suggest the classification of contracts to UNSPSC.
• To help users locate contracts on the fly, RA.Pid Contract Management features an advanced Google-style search capability. This tool enables users to instantly locate contracts by keyword, supplier name, category, date, amount and geography.

“The RA.Pid platform helps not just the business to analyze data faster but IT has the means to leverage a company’s most important asset, its data, and ensure it’s shared across the organization to power better and more efficient decision-making,” added Hugh Cox, Chief Innovation Officer, Rosslyn Analytics.

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