Infront releases customizable app for iPhone and iPad with real-time news and market data

Oslo – 31 May 2011

Infront today announced the launch of Infront mTrader 2.1 – a customizable, real-time news and market data app for Apple iPhone and iPad. Banks and brokerages can use the standard Infront mTrader app standalone, as an extension to the Infront terminal, or can work with Infront to customize the app with trading integration and in-house data such as news, quotes and research.

Infront mTrader 2.1 for iPhone and iPad is available for download from the Apple AppStore. For more information, visit

“This release of a customizable app is exciting news for banks and brokerages,” said Kristian Nesbak, Infront co-founder and CEO. “Now, Infront customers have the flexibility to extend their offering to iPhone and iPad literally overnight with the standard app, or can work with us to create a tailored app that delivers their unique value on a new platform.”

Infront mTrader 2.1 allows banks and brokerages to:

• Deliver real-time market data and trading in a single mobile app

• Extend their offering to iPhone and iPad quickly

• Integrate in-house data such as research, news and quotes

• Increase customer loyalty and boost trading volumes

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