SunGard Launches Ambit Customer Management

Dubai, UAE - 26 May 2011

SunGard has launched the Ambit Customer Management suite to help banks create more profitable relationships while enhancing the client experience. The solution helps banks balance the needs of clients and their demands for a convenient, individualized and “value-for-money” experience, with the requirement to optimize individual relationships and generate higher levels of sales from efficient and streamlined client interactions.

The banking industry has become increasingly competitive and there is greater pressure on retail banks to maintain a profitable return. Banks therefore have to find ways to fulfill client needs and achieve their own goals for higher risk-adjusted profitability, while streamlining operations and internal processes to cut costs and boost efficiency. SunGard’s Ambit Customer Management suite helps banks achieve this. It is comprised of specialized solution components for customer experience management across online, mobile and branch channels. The individual components will be rolled out in the next few weeks.

The solution suite facilitates in-depth profitability analysis to help banks attract, grow and nurture profitable relationships by focusing on the clients’ needs. It also helps banks optimize each relationship for enhanced risk-adjusted profitability. The Ambit Customer Management suite utilizes business process management (BPM) and business activity monitoring (BAM) so banks can standardize and automate tasks, processes and the distribution of work across the channel network, while effectively and quickly responding to changing business conditions, market regulations and evolving client needs.

Dean Young, vice president of product management, Ambit Retail Banking, SunGard, said, “Banks are under tremendous pressure to de-commoditize their offerings, rebuild client relationships and reestablish trust. Yet, margins are considerably constrained, leaving banks focused internally towards process and sales optimization. SunGard’s Ambit Customer Management suite helps banks reacquaint themselves with the attributes that their clients most value by providing seamless, consistent, easy-to-use access via the branch, Web, mobile or tablet device, while helping create greater value and profitability. Ambit Customer Management also helps banks develop more effective acquisition and retention strategies through informed analysis, intelligent sales generation and process-driven interactions.”

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