MATLAB Users Can Now Utilize the Robust CVA and MC VaR Functionality of F3

Vancouver & Dublin - 24 May 2011

F3 Toolbox complements MATLAB by providing powerful financial analytics for pricing complex derivatives.

FINCAD, the industry standard for financial analytics, today announced the launch of F3 Toolbox for use with MATLAB, which gives users access to FINCAD’s powerful, award-winning F3 analytics library within the MATLAB environment. Last month, FINCAD launched successful beta implementations of the highly anticipated F3 Toolbox at a number of banks, asset managers, hedge funds and corporates. F3 Toolbox for use with MATLAB will be generally available on June 7th, 2011.

F3 Toolbox has been designed to provide finance professionals in various industries the ability to respond to rapidly changing regulatory requirements, while reducing the need for expensive in-house development. In-depth coverage and flexible architecture will enable front and middle office professionals to quickly value and customize any new portfolio or trade without writing a single line of software code.

This ground-breaking technology enables efficient scenario analysis and portfolio-level VaR and CVA, supported by extensive documentation and the industry’s leading client services team. F3’s exceptional logging capability not only provides a transparent system for verifying valuations, but also enables users with enterprise systems to re-use code created in MATLAB, greatly simplifying integration into C#, C++, or Java-based systems. When combined with F3 Excel Edition, users will also have the ability to prototype in Excel and seamlessly transfer their calculations into MATLAB.

“MATLAB is widely used in the industry for valuing complex financial derivatives, and this integration further strengthens FINCAD’s position as an innovative leader in the market,” said Bob Park, President & CEO, FINCAD. “F3 Toolbox provides MATLAB users with the unique opportunity to access the industry’s most powerful and flexible analytics platform, enabling them to value any complex trade, structured product or portfolio within their preferred environment.”

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