New Thomson Reuters Research Service Speeds Up Business For M&A Lawyers

London - 23 May 2011

Thomson Reuters GRC launches M&A In Practice to help senior legal teams navigate the deal process and improve client offerings.

Thomson Reuters Governance, Risk and Compliance has launched a major addition to its Accelus suite of products to help law firms grow their M&A business portfolios.

M&A In Practice is designed to give senior lawyers and their legal teams access to millions of documents covering the background and legal precedents relating to thousands of mergers and acquisitions.

Ely Razin, vice president at Thomson Reuters Governance, Risk & Compliance, says the rules of business have changed. "Senior M&A lawyers now need to be far smarter and better informed when it comes to understanding how to satisfy the regulator and legal scrutiny,"
says Razin. "We have launched M&A In Practice to provide this information. There is growing pressure on legal teams to deliver on M&A in an increasingly complex regulatory environment. M&A deals are becoming more global, more high stakes, more legally complicated and increasingly regulated. For these reasons, lawyers and the companies they advise need more powerful tools."

M&A In Practice gives lawyers greater access to deal history to better prepare and present their case.

"Having a clear picture of previous, similar M&A deals and how they succeeded or failed is vital for any legal team," says Razin.
"Unfortunately, most M&A lawyers rely too heavily on internal know- how solutions; they don't have enough access to far greater sources of information. M&A In Practice solves this dilemma. The thinking behind a merger or acquisition may be sound, but poor access to detailed deal history means mistakes will be made because legal teams can't prepare effectively. M&A In Practice helps M&A lawyers advise their clients, execute deals successfully and win back clients for the next deal."

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