Global Tier 1 FX Price Maker Implements DealHub eFX Price Distribution

London - 23 May 2011

DealHub today announced that it is implementing its high speed trading interface solution at another Global Tier 1 Bank customer to provide eFX price distribution into, initially, RET (Reuters Electronic Trading) and the RTFX ECN.

A number of the markets most active price maker Banks and Financial Institutions are now using Dealhub trading interfaces to provide improved price distribution and connectivity to their own SDP (Single Dealer Platforms) as well as to other client facing platforms and ECN’s including Bloomberg, Currenex, FX Connect, FXall, 360T, RET and via a FIX API.

The DealHub ultra-low latency Automated Trading Interfaces have been tested and proven in active high load, high throughput trading environments and are proving to be faster and more robust than existing solutions currently in place. Proven performance and high availability is key in the world of auto-pricing, particularly for those organisations who wish to improve their market positioning and market share.

DealHub’s Automated Trading Interfaces and Connectivity Manager Price Distribution solution provides a strategic tool for low latency response to price requests for FX spot, Forward, Swaps and NDFs to client facing eCommerce platforms.

The DealHub Connectivity Manager responds to Request for Quote and Price Streaming by sourcing rates from a Bank’s pricing API or Rate Engine. Connectivity Manager can be fully integrated with pricing, margin, credit, order management and risk management systems and provides latency and Business Activity Monitoring metrics for reporting within DealHub and other Bank systems.

Peter Kriskinans, Managing Director of DealHub commented “We are delighted to provide a DealHub Automated Trading solution to manage such a key area of the Banks eCommerce business. The markets more active FX price makers continue to implement our solutions for key areas of their business and we are seeing a marked increase in the number of Banks and Financial Institutions wishing to either implement new or replace legacy eFX components. Our optimal mix of proven performance, scalability and ease of integration means we are ideally placed to meet this demand”.

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