Kahuna, Staff Support U.S. ATM Defense Fund Initiative

Bloomington, IL, USA - 13 May 2011

Kahuna ATM Solutions recently donated $5,505 to the U.S. ATM Defense Fund to help support ongoing legislative efforts that protect the future health of the ATM Industry. The donation was submitted on behalf of their company and Affiliate clients. Additionally, the donation consisted of personal contributions from every Kahuna ATM Solutions employee. The donation represents only an initial amount as they expect to raise additional donations from channel partners and clients.

“I’m so proud of our employees for stepping up and donating their personal funds,” says Bryan Bauer, president of Kahuna ATM Solutions. “Each of these individuals earn their living from the ATM industry. We are all concerned about legislators and regulators who don’t understand our industry yet make decisions that affect how we earn a living and provide for our families.”

This contribution is part of an effort to raise $380,000 towards developing legislation to help protect and ensure the future health of the ATM Industry. Some of the issues the money will go to support include regulatory monitoring, interchange preservation, removal of anti-competitive practices by ATM networks, on-going support for surcharging and elimination of surcharge caps. Additional focus includes the campaign against ATM surcharge stickers, frivolous Reg E lawsuits and working with the ADA for a five-year safe harbor.

“I challenge every U.S. ATM deployer and operator to become an active part of the solution by donating to the fund,” says Bauer. “We can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines watching others make decisions about the future of our industry. We need to join forces and fight for our future now.”

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