Protestors plan bank demonstrations

11 May 2011

Protestors are to stage demonstrations in a number of the UK's high street banks on May 28th in opposition to banker bonuses.

The anti-austerity action group UK Uncut has announced it will invade premises and set up mock operating theatres and surgeries while demanding that the government centres its attentions on the nation's banks rather than making cuts to the National Health Service.

It will not be the first time that the group has made its feelings known - demonstrators occupied around 50 branches in March in anger at cuts being made to public services, such as libraries and creches.

UK Uncut supporter Jack Davies said: "The banks are paying lavish bonuses and raking in billions in profit off the back of taxpayer subsidies."

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Barclays shareholders had voiced dismay when it emerged that chief executive of the group Bob Diamond had been handed a $6.5 million ($10.7 million) bonus for 2010.

By Claire Archer

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