Workflow Management, Valuation Systems and Services, Data Management Strategies and the Business of IT feature at Spring Technology Alliance ™ Meeting

Boston, MA & London - 30 March 2011

Cutter Associates, a research, consulting, and benchmarking firm supporting the investment management industry, today announced that over 110 members representing more than 60 investment management firms participated in the March Technology Allianceâ„¢ meeting in Boston. The Technology Alliance provides 82 mid-sized North American investment management firms with independent, up-to-date research, including in-depth vendor evaluations and recommendations.

CutterResearchâ„¢ presentations covered workflow management, valuation systems and services, data management strategies, and the business of IT. Member discussion panels explored valuations and the business of IT, with designated member presentations on workflow management and data management. Members also learned the results of a recent survey on pricing and valuation, published and presented by CutterBenchmarkingâ„¢.

Mark Bobseine, Chairman, Cutter Associates, delivered a presentation providing insight into current trends in asset management technology and operations. The presentation included results from an on-site poll of attendees on how they expect their spending on operations and IT to change in 2011 compared to 2010. The poll results revealed that 36% of responding member firms expect operations costs to increase by more than 10% in 2011 as compared to 2010. In comparison, 48% of members surveyed thought that IT costs are expected to increase by more than 10%, with 8% seeing a decrease from last year. A representative of one member firm also presented an engaging perspective on technology trends likely to impact the business of member firms.

Gina McCafferty, Principal and head of CutterResearch, noted the results of the on-site poll revealed that most members expect increases in operations and IT costs for 2011. “Our members are clearly aware that they need to continue focusing on managing costs and improving operational efficiency,” she said. “But they also need to continue delivering value to their internal and external customers, so efficiency is the key. They’re looking at our research on workflow management to learn about new approaches and tools that can help them streamline operations.” McCafferty also mentioned the membership’s ongoing focus on data. “Data is the DNA of the investment decision making process, which is why our membership so frequently requests research on different aspects of data,” she said. “Our recent research into data management strategies confirms that firms are still interested in all aspects of data management, with the current focus on learning how to support more formal data management strategies with appropriate technology, architecture, governance, and organizational structures.” McCafferty added that when member firms look into the future, “they see new challenges coming their way with the onset of unstructured data, and continuing challenges supporting greater demands from both clients and new regulations.”

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