INETCO Releases INETCO Insight 4.7

Vancouver, Canada - 29 March 2011

Transaction monitoring software extends business transaction management capabilities to NCR’s Gasper Vantage™ and APTRA™ Vision.

INETCO® Systems Limited, a leading expert in transaction monitoring for the credit card processing, ATM and banking industries, today announced the release of INETCO Insight® 4.7. This release marks INETCO’s readiness to extend its business transaction management solutions beyond high volume payment processing environments by simplifying integration with leading network and application monitoring consoles.

INETCO Insight 4.7 makes it possible to integrate detailed transaction intelligence within ATM monitoring solutions such as NCR Gasper Vantageâ„¢ and NCR APTRAâ„¢ Vision, providing users with a powerful, holistic view into the performance of their entire ATM network infrastructures. Customers using Gasper Vantage or APTRA Vision can now monitor key performance indicators to proactively identify network outages, payment switch delays or individual ATM performance issues before impacting transaction completion times and approval rates.

"The transaction intelligence gathered by the INETCO Insight platform enriches existing ATM monitoring tools by highlighting performance information that has previously been invisible to many banking and independent ATM deployers,” says Robert Johnston, Marketing Director of ATM Software at NCR. “Aligned with APTRA Vision and Gasper Vantage applications, financial institutions can gain meaningful business intelligence from their assisted- and self-service channels by combining business and operational data automatically – a correlation that previously would have had to be carried out manually.”

“This is just one example of how INETCO Insight’s detailed transaction intelligence can compliment industry-leading monitoring tools,” says Bijan Sanii, CEO of INETCO. “Our partners view INETCO Insight as a critical part of their product and service offerings, providing a proactive solution to averting customer outages and incidents that impact key business performance.”

Key feature enhancements for INETCO Insight 4.7 include:

• Support for NCR Gasper Vantage and NCR APTRA Vision “General Message Map” ST Format and “Fixed Format Message” Format - IT teams can forward transaction intelligence alerts via an output format specifically designed for integration with the Gasper Vantage or APTRA Vision ATM monitoring platforms.

• Decode Support Status Reporting - A new support feature that counts the number of unsupported transaction protocols and message types being captured by INETCO Insight. This monthly report will alert the INETCO support team to the potential need for new decoding tables and any transaction decode errors or anomalies. (No actual transaction information is sent.)

• Increased Throughput - The maximum transaction rate that can be monitored has been increased by over 80% of that achieved by INETCO Insight 4.6.

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