Kyte Group to manage global data latency with ITRS

London - 28 March 2011

ITRS Group plc, the leading provider of predictive, real-time monitoring and proactive performance management to the world’s financial community, announced today the Kyte Group, “Kyte”, has launched ITRS Geneos Feed Latency Monitor, “Geneos FLM”. Traders in more than 60 offices across 10 countries around the world use Kyte's services; the Geneos interface will be used to alert and identify delays or gaps in the exchange feeds coming into its trading systems.

The Geneos FLM now allows Kyte to measure the feed latency on trading platforms on a global basis by calculating the relative latency between a consolidated reference feed and the incoming direct exchange feeds used in multiple trading platforms. The data from Geneos FLM alerts Kyte to market data integrity issues, while the ability to analyse market data flow and identify bottlenecks and latency means Kyte more quickly addresses any price latency concerns for traders, freeing operations staff for other tasks.

Kyte is an independent Futures Commission Merchant which provides clearing services, risk management, financing and direct market access (DMA) to proprietary traders, brokers, automated/algorithmic trading systems, market makers and hedge funds who transact business on the world’s leading exchanges. Kyte provides traders with access to a wide range of instruments and asset classes, supporting different strategies and styles of trading. As well as running proprietary trading and brokerage services, Kyte offers access to 15 derivatives venues, as well as MTFs, bonds and spot FX venues, through 7 different trading platforms: Trading Technologies, Stellar Trading Systems, Object Trading, Actant, ORC, Real Time Systems and EasyScreen.

Kevin Covington, Deputy CEO and European Managing Director, commented, “Geneos FLM provides a software solution with a light footprint which is cost-effective when deployed on an enterprise-wide basis, and delivers benefits quickly. The implementation has been very successful, and we look forward to working with Dr. Chapman and his team in continuing the rollout of the project.”

Dr. Allan Chapman, Kyte Group's Director of IT, said, "The real-time market data we distribute to the trading community has to be of the highest quality to allow accurate trading decisions to be made. If quality is lost, opportunities are missed and revenue potential is lowered. The design of Geneos FLM was the key factor in our decision to use it. Geneos connects to monitoring through the ISV API, in the same way as trading applications, so has the same perspective as the trader, which is ideal.” Dr Chapman added, “Geneos is an extremely cost-effective solution because it can be deployed remotely, allowing Kyte to easily extend feed latency monitoring to anywhere in the world and identify latency in a fraction of the time it used to take.”

The Geneos FLM interface can be configured to look at latency across a number of feeds. It makes no distinction between the characteristics of consolidated feeds, direct exchange feeds or in-house data sources, allowing business managers to really understand the timeliness and integrity of these vital inputs to trading platforms on a continuous basis. The interface can be configured to alert operations teams and business mangers as issues are detected, which can be within sub-seconds.

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