Verax NMS implemented in one of the top energy industry groups in Europe

18 March 2011

The Verax NMS was recently implemented in ENEA Capital Group - one of the biggest companies in energy industry in Europe. As a result of implementing integrated IT service assurance solution for integrated management and monitoring of networks, data centers and applications, ENEA increased the quality and reliability of its services. Implementation of the system directly influenced the comfort of electric energy usage for more than 2 million individual users and 300 thousands business clients.

Implementation of Service Assurance system was the next step in applying company's quality policy: „Specialists working in ENEA make every effort to ensure that products and services offered by our company meet expectations of the most demanding customers, simultaneously enabling the growth of living standards.”

Three-week implementation works were successfully completed. System fully meets client's requirements, i.a. IT automation functionality, event correlation, highly advanced visualization capabilities, security, as well as system openness and extensibility. The implementation of Verax NMS at ENEA’s resulted in the following business benefits:

• Reducing complexity of the monitoring process by replacing several device-dedicated tools.

• Ability to execute automated management scenarios via implemented business logic, unweighting IT personnel.

• Quicker problem analysis via event correlations and automated business logic.

• Gathering of infrastructure business intelligence (e.g. resource utilization) input in order to facilitate better service infrastructure planning.

• Speeding up problem response time via SMS notifications

"We are proud that Verax NMS solution in ENEA contributes to satisfaction growth of more than 15 per cent electric energy users in Poland." - Verax NMS implementation in ENEA - Case study

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