UK banks hit by fresh tax protests

28 February 2011

A string of British banks have been targeted by protestors over the weekend, with branches up and down the country taken over by activists demonstrating against tax avoidance, bonuses and cuts to public spending.

Members of UK Uncut descended on more than 40 branches of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Lloyds and NatWest to set up homeless shelters, laundry services and walk-in clinics to bring attention to the social impact of government cutbacks.

"The government is making a political choice to reduce the deficit by making ordinary people pay with job losses and savaged services," said protestor Aisha Atkins. "We are transforming the banks ... to show that it's our society that's too big to fail."

Outlets in Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester and Cardiff were also affected. A spokesperson for RBS stated that the bank accepted peaceful protests, but was keen to minimise disruption to customers.

Earlier in the month, a series of sit-ins were staged at Barclays branches after the banking giant was revealed to have paid £113 million in corporation tax in 2009.

By Tony Aynsley

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