Efacec Adopts Infor PM

Farnborough, UK - 22 December 2011

The annual budget execution on a single corporate tool allows the consolidation of the company's annual budget, resulting in significant efficiency and productivity gains

Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers, today announced that Efacec, the largest Portuguese group in the field of electricity, has implemented Infor PM in order to bring its annual budget execution into a single application. This allows the consolidation of the budget from several sources, while contributing to higher efficiencies and productivity.

• Following an integration period of about four months, managed by Infor partner SADCI, Infor PM now supports the entire budgeting process of the Efacec Group, as the application compiles all the financial information produced.

• This tool is also used to report on the entire annual budgeting exercise, concentrating all the information needed at this level.

• The main business benefits of Infor PM concern mainly with the reliability of financial information produced, as there is now greater budgetary rigor and accuracy (avoiding failures and errors).

• Further advantages include still greater ability to manage the processes of planning and budget management with maximum productivity, in order to free resources for critical activities such as information analysis.

• At this time the solution is used by 20 users, helping to substantially improve productivity levels during the budgeting process of the group.

"The main benefit is related to the productivity achieved during the budgeting process of the Group," says Ricardo Mota, Finance Department, Group Efacec. "Infor PM has helped systemize the budgeting process throughout the company, freeing up resources for critical activities such as more analytics. On the other hand, since the implementation of the application, Infor and SADCI have been working with Efacec on adapting the tool to the organizational development of the group, always with the aim of developing its potential, "he concludes.

"The implementation of Infor PM at Efacec was done in order to concentrate on getting a single tool for the company's annual budget in order to free resources for other activities essential to the company, supporting its strategy of growth and modernization of the group, and that objective was largely achieved, "said Maria João Tavares, Country Manager for Portugal Infor.

"With the implementation of Infor PM Budgeting Efacec managed to achieve three major objectives. The first relates to the distribution of the budgeting effort, through a solution that allows multiple users, and intuitively, perform their work, avoiding the previous over-dependence on super users. The second, freeing users for analysis and decision making. Finally, debugging information collection and processing. Efacec is a company in constant growth and evolution, and Infor PM has always been able to keep pace and has certainly helped with that growth, "said Pedro Moura, Director of Consulting SADCI.

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