Rapid Ratings Launches Peer Benchmark Report

New York - 13 December 2011

Rapid Ratings™ International Inc., an independent ratings, research and analytics firm, today announced its launch of the Peer Benchmark Report, a new style of report that contrasts each company against its sector peers on many critical levels. Like the original Financial Health Rating (FHR™) Report and Indicator Report, the Peer Benchmark Report is a company-specific document that provides metrics and commentary. Uniquely, the Peer Benchmark Report presents the company’s financial health metrics and an array of preferred financial indicators alongside the sector’s average in each metric for comparison.

The Peer Benchmark Report is currently available for approximately 6,500 public entities in Rapid Ratings’ online library, as well as on thousands of private companies rated confidentially for clients.

“Rapid Ratings is frequently praised for its ratings transparency and excellent customer service, and this new report further illustrates our commitment to our clients’ needs,” said James H. Gellert, chairman and CEO of Rapid Ratings. “Updates like these allow subscribers to customize our ratings to best fit their needs, so we can be as useful to their workflow as possible. We are proud to offer another report that can help our clients most effectively mitigate their risk.”

Rapid Ratings’ quantitative system uses objective financial information, such as balance sheet and income statement details, to provide a single number updated quarterly that represents the financial health of a company. These FHRs provide the predictive, accurate analysis necessary for firms to fully comprehend the possible risks posed by all of its current and potential partners. It measures a company’s absolute and relative ability to compete with its global industry peers, and ultimately its likelihood for long‐term stability and success.

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