Treamo launches innovation for treasury managers Treamo Finance Monitor: group-wide cash flow forecasting & treasury reporting

Vienna - 1 December 2011

Treamo Business Consulting, a specialist in treasury management consulting and technical solutions for treasury, today launches its Treasury Finance Monitor. TFM is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for group-wide cash flow forecasting and treasury reporting. With TFM, Treamo is setting new benchmarks in the area of treasury. Available within the cloud in just a few minutes, TFM offers optimal performance and data security that many companies cannot achieve either with their own resources or at comparable costs. The unconventional user interface has been designed to reflect the needs of all user groups, from officers in subsidiaries and group treasures to the CFO.

“Financial reporting and cash flow forecasting tend to be dull, very serious issues, particularly at times like these. Our aim with TFM is to demonstrate that a system can have a no-nonsense approach and yet still be user-friendly”, is how Martin Sadleder, Managing Director of Treamo, explains the motivation and demands which shaped the development of TFM. “TFM helps to reduce the time inputs for data capturing, allowing users to invest the time saved in more important matters – in the quality and plausibility of data as well as in playing through various scenarios. Cash flow forecasting is not a question of defining specific targets but more a matter of defining reliable corridors”, Sadleder adds. TFM is suitable for all corporates with a group-like structure, from small groups of companies to major multinationals, irrespective of the relevant industrial sector. Due to its extremely simple implementation in technical terms, TFM is also aimed at markets beyond the core DACH region.

TFM defines usability benchmark

Time is one of the most important currencies in today’s financial departments. That is why TFM has been developed with the aim of maximizing value for time. TFM has a workflow-oriented menu and numerous useful features which intuitively support the capture of data and navigation within the application. There is no help function in TFM for the simple reason that none is required. Users decide themselves how they wish views and lists to be displayed and, in so doing, take control of the software rather than the other way around. As Sadleder puts it: “For the majority of users, Excel is the benchmark in terms of user comfort – we provide users not only this but go a step further, providing in particular all of the advantages of a fully programmed, stable and professional application”. An example of this is the Hierarchy Editor developed for TFM: Regardless of the group structure or hierarchically arranged forecasting categories, everything can be organized by means of the ‘drag & drop’ principle, without any technical know-how being necessary. In the area of reporting and analysis, TFM generally provides numerous functions within the application itself, without having to resort to expensive and training-intensive BI solutions. “We give users back control of their data – that’s how things should be,” is Treamo’s credo.

TFM as the ‘missing link’ in the system landscape of treasury departments TFM closes the gap between ERP, treasury and other systems used in treasury departments which are mostly entry and transaction-based systems. “Cash flow forecasting in particular is subject to other ‘laws’ than transactions or entries, and requires the integration of and connection to the subsidiaries which need to submit report data”, says Sadleder. “TFM deals with the tasks which are today still often handled using spreadsheets, simply due to the lack of alternatives”.

Implemented community-based concept

One of the fundamental considerations while developing TFM was that of also offering the many users a communication platform. Instead of sending numerous emails many of which are invariably not read, TFM allows all task-specific messages to be sent and archived within the system. “My TFM” effectively forms the ‘social network’ of the system and enables users to communicate not only within their respective corporate group, but also the option of communicating with TFM users at other corporates – either regarding specialist questions, e.g. on country-specific issues, or to exchange best practice ideas relating to the deployment and extended use of TFM.

Simple licensing + simple deployment

TFM also breaks new ground when it comes to licensing and pricing. Customers pay an ‘all-in’ monthly fee based on the number of companies integrated and modules used. This fee covers the use of the infrastructure (hardware and database), the system, support and updates. Customers can set up an unlimited number of users without incurring additional costs. Besides a modest set-up fee, there are no additional costs either initially or subsequently. “The aim of our pricing model is to encourage as many companies as possible to switch from their apparently inexpensive spreadsheet solutions and to enable them to employ a modern and professional software solution”, says Sadleder, who is convinced that this pricing model will be well received.
A new customer is ‘up-and-running’ in a matter of just a few minutes: As soon as the account has been set up in the cloud, the system is online, without the need to purchase any cost-intensive consulting services.

software architects - a leading partner in technology TFM has been developed in a cooperation with the company 'software architects'. The software architects team has a long track record in SaaS and award-winning cloud-based solutions. Rainer Stropek, co-founder and CEO of software architects: "Martin Sadleder's understanding of the various possibilities and benefits of software as a service in the cloud has impressed us from Day One. TFM is the perfect example of how cloud computing can simplify the introduction of software solutions for customers, while at the same time elevating the balance of costs and the benefits of availability, scalability as well as data protection to an entirely new level.

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