SWIFT certifies Swissrisk solution X-Gen with ‘SWIFTReady Funds’ for the 7th consecutive year

Frankfurt - 27 September 2010

Swissrisk Financial Systems, European Software Specialists, announced that its Financial Messaging and Workflow solution, X-Gen, has been certified with its seventh consecutive SWIFTReady Funds label. This certification proves Swissrisk’s expertise to supply ISO2022 Messaging to the Fund business.

Every year, SWIFT awards product certification labels in order to provide its members with quality criteria to assist them in the choice of software solutions. To be awarded a label, the software must fulfill and comply with a set of criteria which reflect its capability to provide message processing automation in a SWIFT context. The requirements are updated every year, and providers’ products undergo annual SWIFT assessments.

Swissrisk has participated in the SWIFTReady certification program since 1999, and the successful yearly renewal of this label demonstrates Swissrisk’s ongoing commitment to provide fully SWIFT compliant solutions to the financial industry.

Dirk Vesper, Swissrisk’s Head of X-Gen Product Development, remarked, "X-Gen allows customers to implement projects within the Funds Transactions and Portfolio Management business quickly, easily and smoothly, in order to improve STP across applications. In these days time to market is key in order to address market, compliance and regulatory requirements and specific client service levels."

X-Gen supports all XML based ISO 20022 Message types for Investment Funds, local transaction standards like EMX as well as the relevant SWIFT and FIX standards for Investment Managers. Furthermore X-Gen is already full SOA and WEB Services compliant. Numerous projects for investment companies and custodian banks document Swissrisk’s extensive experience in this business area.

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