SURGUTNEFTEGASBANK (Russia, Surgut) started operating ORACLE Forms&Reports10g

22 September 2010

After migration of the FORPOST banking information system to the three-tier architecture with employing ORACLE Forms&Reports10g, the Forbis company prepared methodology and a number of solutions, allowing to reduce expenses of the bank-partners related to customisation of the software code developed by the bank specialists when transiting from unsupported solutions to supported and secure ones. The ORACLE Forms software is used for creation of screens, interacting with the ORACLE data base. The main task of ORACLE Forms is creation of the systems of data entering with the access to the ORACLE data base. Several years ago, the Oracle Company stopped support of FORMS 6 technology.

In August of 2010, JSC SNGB and the Forbis Company successfully completed a common project on implementation of Forms&Reports10g. In the course of the project, there were solved several tasks:

• installation of the cluster, consisting of two nodes, for Forms&Reports10g, implementation of FORPOST 4.5.1 web forms;
• training of the bank staff Forms&Reports10g installation techniques;
• conducting of load testing for setting threshold values for the quantity of sessions /active sessions of the WEB FORPOST application on the Bank’s existing equipment;
• expanding of development environment;
• training of programmers of the bank to work with Oracle Fоrms&Reports Developer10g, transference of the migration means FORMS6->FORMS10 developed in the Forbis Company to the Bank.

According to Muravya Tatyana Ivanovna, deputy of head of SURGUTNEFTEGASBANK IT department, the project on testing of the bank’s BIS operation in the three-tier architecture was successfully performed thus enabling the bank:

• to maintain their software developments while migration;
• to use the methodology and the software code of the Forbis Company, allowing to significantly reduce the time for fulfilling migration of the own code;
• to save the platform of the software development, and as a result, to use at work the experience and the knowledge of the bank programmers, gained while working with employing Forms&Reports6i, without major expenses for re-training;
• to use modern software, meeting all the requirements of safety, after migration.

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