MAX Federal Credit Union Utilizes Business Intelligence to Improve Staffing Efficiency

Alpharetta, GA - 22 September 2010

Financial Management Solutions, Inc. (FMSI) is pleased to announce MAX Federal Credit Union’s (MAX) recent successes with the FMSI Lobby Tracking System (LTS). With its 13 branch locations in the Central Alabama River Regions, MAX has effectively utilized the LTS product to reduce labor costs and improve productivity.

By having business intelligence that supported key staffing decisions, MAX was able to improve their staffing efficiency. For example, they were able to determine whether specific branches were busy or not, by analyzing assist times per branch from the LTS reports. If a branch had shorter wait times compared to another branch, which was similarly staffed, the indication was an overstaffed branch. They were able to adjust their branch schedules according to these specific benchmark numbers, which resulted in sizeable labor cost savings.

In addition to labor cost savings, MAX also started to realize a higher performing branch network. Within a month of implementation they started seeing declines in their overall account holder average wait times. Furthermore, their assist times per account holder also went down. Allen Garrett, AVP of Member Services at MAX, explained their performance gains by stating, “Having the Lobby Tracking System brought instant accountability to our employee evaluation system. They were aware of their goals and that we were tracking them. This accountability was a key ingredient towards improving our productivity and performance.”

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