MetaMoJi announces the launch of its MashIQ financial reporting solution utilising inline XBRL technology for Research Analysts and other Financial Professionals

Tokyo - 20 September 2010

MetaMoJi Corporation, a leading XBRL Software Company based in Tokyo, Japan, announce the beta launch of their MashIQ Report Cloud service.

Report Cloud allows research analysts and financial information consumers to unlock the real potential of Inline XBRL. The Report Cloud solution gives access to XBRL for business intelligence and reduces the time taken to produce and share financial reports. Users can publish reports that utilise inline XBRL, create new reports by reusing existing financial content, and securely share information with their colleagues and clients via the MashIQ Report Cloud and through existing social networks such as Twitter and blogging services.

MetaMoJi CEO Kaz Ukigawa explains, “Inline XBRL enables consumers of financial information to easily mash-up and publish complex reports using a format that can be viewed using any browser or mobile device. The MashIQ Report Cloud serves as a collaborative financial information hub, facilitating report creation and publishing. Users are able to search the MashIQ Report Cloud for existing reports, quickly create new reports by reusing existing financial facts, and share them with colleagues securely. MashIQ Report Cloud was designed to enable financial professionals to work with XBRL data within their research and analysis reports and as a source of business intelligence.”

MashIQ XBRL Report is the world’s first community web application to fully utilise the capability of inline XBRL (iXBRL). iXBRL is a specification defined by XBRL International with the aim of giving users a convenient way to view XBRL data through their web browser. The use of iXBRL means that a published document can be easily read by a human and can also be processed by a computer system to extract values automatically. This reduces the requirement for re-keying values and helps to automate the import of financial research into existing databases and processes.

“Inline XBRL, a technique for embedding XBRL tags into HTML documents, is designed to enable human readability of complex financial content, and reduces the risk of misinterpretation at every stage of the financial information lifecycle – from preparation to the review and analysis used to make operational and investment decisions requires human interaction and visualization of financial data,” says Diane Mueller, MetaMoji research fellow and chair of the XBRL International technical working group responsible for the development of iXBRL. “MashIQ provides a trusted rendering and visualization solution for composing and publishing reports in inline XBRL designed to be read by people, not machines. Now users can comply with and take advantage of the XBRL standard without incurring new costs, as Inline XBRL can be viewed easily in any desktop or mobile browser.”

MashIQ XBRL Report Cloud is available now. A Japanese language version of the service will also be released this year, and a subscription based service is scheduled for 2011. Please contact us for more information about our product solutions and vision for XBRL.

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