Bloomberg FX — new multi­bank adapter in Quasar FX Auto Trader

Stock­holm - 2 September 2010

We are happy to announce we have now added Bloomberg to our, already, broad multi­bank con­nec­tivity in the Quasar FX Auto Trader. Sup­ported prod­ucts: FX spot, for­ward, swap and block auto trading.

Quasar Auto Trader offers sig­nif­i­cant advance­ments in auto­matic real-time pricing and order han­dling. The result is increased per­for­mance with more effec­tive han­dling of higher vol­umes. Exten­sive mod­eling of pricing and advanced auto­trading rules reduces risk and improve profits.

Quasar archi­tec­ture sup­ports unlim­ited mod­u­larity with con­nec­tivity to any channel for effi­cient straight-through pro­cessing. Quasar’s dis­trib­uted trading archi­tec­ture is scal­able for linear growth.


  • Multi­bank con­nec­tivity: FXall, Cur­renex, RTFX, 360T and Bloomberg
  • Liq­uidity provider con­nec­tivity: Deutsche Bank, ICAP / EBS, Cur­renex and Goldman Sachs

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