The SIX Telekurs Securities Valuations Roadshow: Is the Price Right?

Zurich, Switzerland - 16 September 2010

Governments and regulators continue to impose ever more complex valuation rules and regulations on the financial industry. SIX Telekurs has worked with auditors, research analysts and practitioners to create The SIX Telekurs Securities Valuations Roadshow this autumn to present and explain the background of new asset valuations regulations and guidelines and the impact that they will have on business. An overview of the locations, dates and programs of the 17 events being held throughout the world can be found at teh SIX Telekurs website.

SIX Telekurs works closely with regulators, official bodies, auditors and industry experts that deal with regulatory developments in the field of securities valuations. SIX Telekurs has been playing a pivotal role in industry working groups, advocating standards and promoting transparency.

Therefore, SIX Telekurs is launching its second annual series of international events, The SIX Telekurs Securities Valuations Roadshow. The main focus is on how our clients can comply with regulatory requirements in the field of securities valuations, and the impact these will have on different business segments.

"The financial crisis has left its mark on the regulatory environment and has also led to the creation of new regulations. It is now necessary to ensure compliance with these regulatory requirements. In addition, it is important to gain a good understanding of the complex interrelationships involved in the valuation of illiquid financial instruments," says Marc Pätzold, Market Development Manager, SIX Telekurs, as he explains the background to these events.

Through the Roadshow, SIX Telekurs is targeting professionals who are responsible for securities valuations as part of their daily work. These include compliance officers, product controllers, portfolio managers, custodians, fund managers, private bankers, back office professionals and software companies.

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