MultiCarta successfully launches its processing system from Compass Plus

20 September 2010

MultiCarta launched the TranzWare processing system on 16th August 2010 with the first bank of many being switched to the new processing center.

MultiCarta is a member of the VTB Group of companies consolidating the processing service of all the banks within the group by replacing in-house solutions with outsourced processing, and has begun the active promotion of its services in the competitive market. Increased business volumes, new requirements from customer banks in different countries within the CIS and the reliability of the processing system are all factors that led to the need to upgrade their multivendor processing infrastructure. The tender resulted in the commercial offer from Compass Plus being accepted as the most suitable option for their needs. Andrew Chirkov, Regional Sales Director of Compass Plus said of the tender: “It is very important for us that, with its broad experience in operating the various processing systems of leading vendors both through its in-house processing center and within the in-house processing centers of the VTB Group, MultiCarta has chosen our company. We are very proud of being so highly appraised!”

The TranzWare implementation project has commenced in January 2010, and Compass Plus once again lived up to its reputation by completing the first and most complicated stage of the integration of TranzWare systems with all existing MultiCarta systems and the customisation process according to the project requirements, all within 6 months. Eugene Gryzlov, Compass Plus Project Manager said of the first stage of the project: “These six months were the most challenging period as we faced truly ambitious targets and had to complete them in the shortest possible time. The professionalism of the MultiCarta specialists, the flexibility and adaptability of TranzWare systems, the well coordinated and intensive work of the project team and of our development engineers enabled us to achieve the desired goals in the shortest period of time”.

Existing SLAs between MultiCarta and its customers specify unprecedented requirements for the reliability and productivity of the system. Historically, MultiCarta has two separate processing sites (in Moscow and St. Petersburg), which allowed for the implementation of a principally new redundancy scheme by constructing two identical processing systems operating in parallel and ensuring mutual backup. Each processing site operates in active mode and also acts as a reserve site for the other. Continuous data replication is performed and instant switching is ensured between the Moscow and St. Petersburg’s sites in case one of the processing centers should fail. Potential disastrous events therefore will not cause any significant failures in any services for MultiCarta’s customers.

Before the launch of the system, load testing was conducted. The database server, IBM p570 configured with 32 GB of RAM, was used for the testing, and IBMx3850В dual-processors were used as the application servers. Using two application servers and database server processors, TranzWare Online processing system demonstrated its stable operation under the constant loading of 120 TPS (business transactions whereby a cash withdrawal transactions includes up to 15 logical transactions), provided by a network emulation of 6,000 ATMs. The average authorisation time amounted to 1.5 seconds. If required, the processing systems capacity can be extended by actuating additional processors of the database server and increasing the number of application servers. Andrew Chirkov, Regional Sales Director of Compass Plus commented: “The capability and simple scaling procedure of the TranzWare processing system that has been confirmed by the long-term experience of the Ukrainian PrivatBank (up to 20 million cards, 8,000 ATMs and over 50.,000 POS terminals) is one of our key advantages compared to other vendors, which significantly influenced the choice of MultiCarta”.

Reviewing the results of the first stage of the project, Yuri Gudkin, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of MultiCarta said: “The choice of a new platform for the processing system was not easy because there are several solutions with similar sets of functional capabilities and features in the market. The key factors in favour of Compass Plus were:
1. Advanced capabilities combined to ensure the productivity of the system;
2. High level of fault tolerance and continuous operation of the system including operation during scheduled updates;
3. Possibility of receiving maximum number of required systems from one vendor and significantly decreasing the number of responsibility centers.

Instead of module-by-module implementation, we have chosen the most challenging method of a one-step launch of the entire production cycle within TranzWare systems and the step-by-step switching of our customers to a new platform. With the high professionalism of both teams and the advanced capabilities of TranzWare product architecture, we were successful with this project and the entire operation cycle of one of our customer banks is currently being serviced in this new processing system. The results achieved in such a short period of time and the experience of working with Compass Plus has confirmed the right choice was made by our company and this has enabled us to regard our future plans with enthusiasm. We believe that not only will we complete the migration process avoiding any inconvenience to customers, but that we have obtained a reliable and flexible toolset that will ensure the development of our company and the leading position in the processing services market within CIS countries”.

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