Reducing business costs motive behind cloud computing, survey claims

10 September 2010

Over a quarter of UK businesses believe cost cutting is the motive behind moving their technology services to the cloud, a new study has claimed.

According to respondents in a report by Cordys, the adoption of cloud computing will enable firms to improve operational efficiency and increase their “corporate flexibility”.

Almost two-thirds saw the transfer of technology services to the cloud as a crucial moment for businesses.

Peter Karsten, vice-president of UK Sales at Cordys, said cloud computing can help firms “break the inflexibility of legacy, gaining process change, flexibility and agility, and the ability to take out operational costs”.

“Businesses are becoming more like the technology itself: more adaptable, more interwoven and more specialised. These developments may not be new, but the advent of the cloud will speed them up.”

The study quizzed 100 senior IT directors at the recent Cloud World Forum.

From those questioned, 17 per cent had already transferred their IT services to the cloud.

A further 39 per cent were in the process of taking up cloud computing services while 32 per cent were looking to implement the IT solution within the next 12 months.

By Jim Ottewill

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