SunGard Adds New IntelliMatch Trending and Analysis Module to Help Managers Optimize their Reconciliation Processes

Amsterdam - 26 October 2010

SunGard has launched a new trending and analysis module for its IntelliMatch reconciliation and exception management solution. The module is a fully integrated solution that can help managers and administrators quickly understand where efficiencies can be gained and enhancements made to optimize reconciliation processes. It will allow users to track, evaluate and amend automated rules, assess and automate manual processes, and perform cost/resolution, counterparty and system analyses. It can also help to build an algorithm-based reconciliation environment where key business metrics can be automatically re-evaluated and adapted to help maximize process efficiency and minimize costs.

Scalability, flexibility, ease of use and advanced rules processing are key to implementing a streamlined reconciliation solution. However, the administrative burden of maintaining, optimizing and expanding these environments is often overlooked. As operations evolve, changes can emerge in systems and data outputs, fields and references are often either introduced or retired. At the same time expertise and resources are frequently moved within an organization. This means that even a reconciliation environment with a 95% auto-match rate could be impaired by challenges such as complacency in further improving matching rates, lack of process transparency and knowledge, and slow degradation of rules efficiency over time.

Jennifer Hanes, executive vice president of product strategy at SunGard’s Ambit Corporate Banking business unit, commented: “While working with our reconciliationcustomers, we realized that there is a real need to address the administrative burden of reconciliation system maintenance, optimization and expansion. SunGard’s IntelliMatch trending and analysis module provides a clear view of the system helping senior managers and system administrators easily and quickly identify and act upon areas for improvement in the reconciliation process.”

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