Former JPMorgan executive loses out over landmark pre-nup ruling

21 October 2010

A former banker with JPMorgan has lost out in a divorce settlement after a Supreme Court ruled that pre-nuptial agreements should be recognised in certain marriages.

Nicolas Granatino, an ex-investment banker with the financial institution, challenged a pre-nup agreement made with his now ex-wife, Katrin Radmacher, an heiress thought to be worth more than $80 million.

He claimed that she should pay him more money as part of a settlement but the Supreme Court rejected his appeal ruling in favour of Ms Radmacher by a majority of eight.

Mr Granatino had agreed to waive the right to make any claims on his wife’s fortune in the event of a divorce in an agreement made four months before the marriage.

Ms Radmacher said: “I'm really pleased with the ruling, but saddened at the four-year process that brought us to this point. I'm delighted that Britain has upheld fairness. It is important to me that no one else should have to go through this.”

The ruling is thought to bring UK legislation into line with the majority of other states within the EU which recognise that marriage contracts are legally binding.

By Jim Ottewill

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