SWISSRISK Financial Systems’ FinTRACE enables enterprise-wide exception management

Frankfurt - 20 October 2010

SWISSRISK Financial Systems GmbH, market leading international software provider for the financial industry, announces further enhancement to its FinTRACE solution allowing significant cost reductions and improved customer services

With more than 30 years of experience, SWISSRISK Financial Systems GmbH headquartered in Frankfurt/Germany has emerged as a leading software provider for the financial industry. SWISSRISK provides innovative and state-of-the-art solutions in the areas of Issuance, Trading and Market Making, same as in the field of Financial Messaging & Workflow. SWISSRISK currently serves more than 100 financial institutions with the majority in the German speaking countries as well as in Luxembourg. Due to recent customer requirements SWISSRISK Financial Systems has widened its solution portfolio and developed a solution for the automated processing of any kind of exceptions and investigations together with Commerzbank AG. This solution, branded as “FinTRACE” has been accredited with the SWIFT-label for SWIFTNet Exceptions & Investigations and has already been implemented at some customer sites.

SWISSRISK Financial Systems’ FinTRACE solution is used by leading institutions and provides both, rich functionality same as robustness and scalability – allowing to address any kind of business requirements at any bank.

Following global market trends and customer demands, FinTRACE has been further enhanced to process exceptions and investigations coming from business areas beyond the payments arena with highest possible STP rates. FinTRACE covers transactional and non-transactional investigations. As a consequence, financial institutions are not only able to streamline their cost related to manpower and IT avoiding the redundancy of former silo-based processing. In addition, customers are able to run enterprise-wide queries and reports leading to enhanced monitoring of the business and the chance to detect and analyze problematic processes. Apart from this, the new approach enables banks to have a comprehensive look on their operational risk and improve overall customer services. Thanks to the broad coverage of business processes clients have a much stronger business case to decide for FinTRACE.

SWISSRISK Financial System sees significant potential to further expand its market leading position in this area through its new offering.

„Being a market leader for such a long time period is only feasible through the combination of reliability and innovative ideas. We are proud being able to assist our clients helping them to achieve their business objectives” says Andreas Wagner, Managing Director of SWISSRISK Financial Systems.

“Our customers tell us that they are interested in a comprehensive view on their business – and to reduce the cost caused by running redundant systems. We are now in a position to help them the best way and I do appreciate the very positive feedback we are getting from the market a lot” adds Georg Sauberer.

“FinTRACE has been constantly enhanced over the past years. However, with our innovative GCCI - Generic Case Creation Interface we were able to jump another major hurdle. We are now in a position to address any kind of investigation processes in banks of any sizes” says Dirk Vesper, VP Product Management at SWISSRISK Financial Systems.

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