Euronext outage blamed on “human error”

18 October 2010

An outage on Euronext’s European Regulated Cash Markets has been blamed on “human error”.

According to the exchange operator, the 40 minute shutdown occurred on the exchange allowing trades surrounding equities, bonds and ETF orders.

NYSE Euronext has apologised for the “unanticipated market outage” and explained that any new trades made during the period were rejected.

The order book status remained unchanged while all efforts were made to ensure that the post-session processes ended as usual following the incident, the exchange explained.

Lisa M Dallmer, chief operating officer of European Cash Markets Execution Services at NYSE Euronext, said: “Although we will conduct a thorough review and investigation of the matter, we have initially identified the root cause of the incident to have been human error.

“At this time, NYSE Euronext confirms that this incident appears to be unrelated to any system or software components.”

The exchange’s report showed that the outage, which affected its markets in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Lisbon, occurred at 16:42 CET before being resolved at some time between 17:06 and 17:23 CET.

By Jim Ottewill

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