Charterhouse Lombard deploys Microgen 5Series Trust Administrator

London - 13 October 2010

Microgen Financial Systems Division today announced that it is working with Charterhouse Lombard Limited on a significant IT modernisation programme aimed at improving customer service and retention and reducing operational risk. Charterhouse Lombard Limited will migrate its Trust and Corporate Services administration from multiple disparate legacy systems to a single integrated solution, Microgen 5Series Trust Administrator.

Operating across multiple systems had been identified as a key area for improvement for Charterhouse Lombard Limited given the impact it had on management time, the risk of potential information duplication, the constraints it placed on future growth, and the high operational cost of using and maintaining multiple disparate systems. By implementing Microgen 5Series Trust Administrator the company will be able to automate many of its key functions previously undertaken manually, in a flexible and agile manner so that staff can spend more time on customer value added activity.

“In this market, outstanding customer service is absolutely key to client retention. It was becoming increasingly clear that over time a legacy IT environment would not enable us to drive the company forward and would restrict our efforts to offer exceptional client management alongside more dynamic services,” said Matthew Huddleston, Chief Financial Officer, Charterhouse Lombard Limited. “Collaborating with Microgen will enable us to remove multiple systems and migrate data into one central source. This will provide us with a ‘clean sheet,’ underpinned by a best in class solution, from which we can streamline our business and create a platform for growth.”

Charterhouse Lombard Limited evaluated a number of technology solutions. It selected Microgen for its extensive expertise in the sector, the quality of its modern and flexible technology, and its commitment to continued investment in the product. In addition, it was able to simplify the data migration process and recognised the importance of this being undertaken by internal IT staff, who have intricate knowledge of the company’s systems and data.

“Businesses like Charterhouse Lombard Limited want to ensure that their staff are concentrating their efforts on driving growth and client relationships, rather than spending hours having to manually input data. By automating key business tasks the company will create a more dynamic and agile business model that will enhance their day-to-day client management and eradicate inefficiencies. This will position the company to take advantage of future growth opportunities,” said Simon Baines, Managing Director, Microgen Financial Systems Division.

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