Northpoint® Releases “QTM” Enhanced Portfolio Management Solution: a Powerful Advantage for Small to Mid-sized Funds

New York, NY - 12 October 2010

NorthPoint, the leading provider of customized business and technology solutions to the Alternative Investment Management industry, offers the “Quick Time to Market (QTM)” version of its Enhanced Portfolio Management (EPM) solution for small to mid-sized funds.

Small to mid-sized funds typically work with a host of different systems, fund service providers, and spreadsheets that make information consolidation difficult. Additionally, they often lack the flexibility to provide functionality that is not only unique, but key, to their business strategy.

The NorthPoint QTM platform provides these managers with a single, modularized Portfolio Management solution, without the “one-size-fits-all” limitation. This is a rich, out-of-the-box solution that allows the rapid consolidation of all data sources and automation of associated time-consuming processes. NorthPoint couples this with the extensive domain expertise of the NorthPoint Enhanced Portfolio Management Solution Implementation Team to incorporate custom components around a fund’s unique business requirements, quickly and effectively.

The QTM solution provides managers with the ability to view real-time and historical positions, trades, exposure, PnL, and risk, provide transaction and reference data management, create custom calculations and security pricing models, and integrate a myriad of other vendor and system data for use with all the EPM business components. Not only is the QTM solution cost-effective, but it is also flexible due to the ability to add custom components. When internal processes become cumbersome or in-house systems have run their course, managers often find that solutions like the NorthPoint QTM solution are necessary to empower better decision-making.

The platform integrates with accounting systems, order management systems, Prime Brokers and Fund Administrators, as well as with most commercial products currently being utilized in an Alternative Investment Manager’s operating environment.

The modular functionality provided by the QTM solution is attractive to growing funds and can easily be scaled into NorthPoint’s more robust EPM/Order Management System (OMS) solution that is used by many of their larger, more complex, multi-strategy clients. Eventually, as funds’ structures/strategies grow and they begin to seek alpha in markets that include more esoteric asset classes or that employ more complex investment strategies, the QTM solution is flexible and can be scaled or customized to support this growth.

“With this modular and flexible portfolio management solution, NorthPoint has already been able to provide many of our clients with the ability to make well-informed decisions based on up-to-the-minute trading and pricing information. This is a powerful advantage for professionals at small to mid-sided funds who do not have the in-house capabilities to meet these challenges or the desire for broader, high-recurring-cost solutions to make portfolio management and operational processes more efficient,” said NorthPoint SVP of Professional Services, Joseph Amarante.

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