New FORPOST*IB version

12 October 2010

The Forbis Company, taking into consideration the needs of its banks-customers and the changing technologies and striving to offer innovative solutions, has improved the product of the Internet Banking (IB) of BIS FORPOST, which as a result has acquired many advantages and corresponds to the requirements of the modern Internet Banking.
The product of the Internet Banking has a clear hierarchical structure, is reliable, responding, more flexible, easier to develop and expand, and secure.

FORPOST*IB advantages:

• Database resource pooling;
• Easy integration with other systems;
• Valid HTML;
• Support of Unicode in IB: there is a possibility to enter and display information in several languages;
• Allows using browser buttons.

Technologies employed while creating FORPOST*IB:
• Java 6+;
• Object-oriented architecture;
• Model-View-Controller;
• Control of GUI design.

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