Bonaire Software Solutions, LLC. Announces Signing of 90th REVPORT™ Client World Wide

Boston, MA - 5 November 2010

Bonaire Software Solutions, LLC, a leading provider of financial services software solutions to asset managers, announces the signing of its 90th client. Bonaire Software is on track to have another record setting year with new clients signing on to use Bonaire’s REVPORT™ Revenue Management and Fee Billing software suite.

Our new clients have been replacing legacy systems, fee billing vendors and Access/Excel augmentation tools with our premier platform. Currently 13 of the world’s largest global investment managers use REVPORT™ to manage their revenue and fee calculations.

Fee billing and revenue management are mission-critical functions, especially in current economic conditions. REVPORT’s documented ROI pays for itself by reducing resources, improving accuracy and cycle time as well as providing insight into financial and management information.

With product input from our blue-chip client base, Bonaire continues to invest heavily in its Revenue Accounting platform and product offerings. “Our REVPORT platform has experienced a 200% up tick in deal pipeline over the last 12 months that we believe has been driven by changes in the industry as a whole. Our primary target is the CFO’s office within an organization and the needs and requirements of that office, which we believe have expanded in the last two years”, says Chris John, CEO of Bonaire Software.

There are 4 primary reasons for purchase of our REVPORT Revenue Accounting platform, all driven by this expanded set of requirements of the CFO’s office:

• Operational Efficiency and Repeatable Business Process through Automation - Related to Accruals, Invoices Generation, Payments Processing and Accounting treatments.

• Improved Audit/Control Capabilities - Significantly reduce operational risk and centralize data

• Improved Management Information – Our customers are much more focused on profitability of their client relationships and the underlying drivers

• Dramatic ROI and cost justification to upgrade what is often an antiquated and fragmented process within the organization

REVPORTâ„¢ Key Features:

• Provides a single repository for revenue, sales and performance data
• Automates revenue management, fee billing and commission processes
• Calculates complex fees, rebates, commissions and accruals, produces invoices and generates all accounting and audit output
• Centralizes fee calculation rules, embedding knowledge in the application and enhancing financial management and control
• Provides management information via fully integrated BI tools, including data cubes, views, dashboards and graphical visualization/reporting
• Allows revenue modelling, forecasting and analytics to be performed using actual billing rules and fee schedules
• Seamlessly integrates with existing upstream/downstream financial management and reporting systems

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