FINCAD Analytics Suite 2011 Expands Coverage to Meet Growing Demand for OIS Curves

Vancouver, British Columbia, Dublin - 3 November 2010

FINCAD, the industry standard for financial analytics, announced today the expansion of its analytics library to include OIS curves, supporting the industry's shift towards OIS curves over LIBOR for more accurate pricing. With the major swaps clearing houses using OIS rate curves to discount their swaps portfolio, financial professionals are moving towards OIS as the new standard for pricing swaps. OIS curves are now being used for valuation because they are seen as more accurate and should mitigate some of the risk that may occur with Discount Risk.

The addition of the OIS curves is just one way FINCAD continues to respond to evolving market needs. Another addition to FINCAD Analytics Suite 2011 is the ability to handle non-standard weekend definitions. This is a requirement for Islamic finance. To support users' needs in valuing trades from a wide variety of jurisdictions, FINCAD has also expanded its holiday list data to include new jurisdictions. In addition, FINCAD has made enhancements to its fixed income and interest rate coverage as well as architecture changes to provide more rapid development of its software.

"It's always been our philosophy to continually improve our software to meet the changing market conditions, providing our customers with an adaptive and evolving product," said Bob Park, President & CEO, FINCAD. "Accuracy is critical and regulators are only putting more pressure on organizations to improve their valuation and risk management practices. We see the OIS curve support in the latest release of FINCAD Analytics Suite as an important step in supporting our users to do just that."

FINCAD Analytics Suite is a leading software solution that values and measures risk of financial securities and derivatives. As the industry standard, FINCAD Analytics Suite provides finance professionals the ability to verify and validate every aspect of a valuation across multiple asset classes. The software is available as a Microsoft® Excel-based solution for end users and as a software development kit for embedding FINCAD's analytics into financial software. Last month, FINCAD released the latest version of F3, the newest product line available from the company. F3 is a stateful, object oriented technology that provides users the ultimate flexibility to define virtually any trade and provides comprehensive risk information for portfolios that include more complex trades and structured products.

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