ObjectWay launches OWealth Apps:

Milan - 22 November 2010

financial advisory services now available on iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry

ObjectWay, the Italian leader and global emerging player in Wealth Management & Investment Services Software Solutions for the Financial Industry, announces the arrival of the new OWealth Apps application that allows the use of financial reporting and portfolio analysis, monitoring of orders and management of suspended orders, and management of performance, risk and compliance alert services with smartphones and tablets, iPhones, iPads, Androids and BlackBerrys.

Smartphones and tablets will revolutionise the operations of financial promoters, private bankers and clients in the financial services and wealth management sectors.

These mobile devices are easy to handle, are constantly connected to the network and will offer an easier more attractive and effective way to manage financial portfolios based on the possibility of receiving and monitoring data and making decisions in real time anytime, anywhere.

The spread of these devices is increasing exponentially, as confirmed by market analyses estimating that by 2011 there will be around 400 million users worldwide, and that this figure will double over the following 3 years (Source: Gartner Inc.).
For financial institutions, the availability of these tools will be a key competitive differentiator essential for improving customer relations, the quality of their services and the productivity of their networks of financial advisors.

OWealth Apps is available in two versions, one for financial advisers and one for clients. By installing OWealth Apps on a smartphone or tablet, a financial adviser can look for a client and view that client's data; browse the investment portfolio; obtain an analysis of portfolio performance, risk and compliance with interactive graphics; view product data and news; set and receive alerts based on positions, portfolios and clients; check the status of orders and handle any critical issues concerning suspended orders. By installing OWealth Apps on a smartphone or tablet, the client will benefit from a subset of functionalities, with simplified financial analysis and views compared with those available to the financial adviser. OWealth Apps also leverages the full capabilities of the native device, such as the ability to call and send e-mails and SMS messages to clients, calculate the route and activate the navigator to reach them.

It is possible to download a video demonstrating the functioning of the main features of the application from the ObjectWay web site,

OWealth Apps comes integrated with the OFS Personal Financial Planning platform. The many financial institutions already using this platform in Italy and abroad will be able to make these new services available simply by installing the new solution.

OWealth Apps can still be easily taken up even by those who are not yet users of ObjectWay because, thanks to its architecture, the services can be easily integrated even with proprietary or third party wealth management platforms.

OWealth Apps is based on the innovative ObjectWay Mobile architecture, and is now available on iOS and Android operating systems and will be available on RIM by the first half of 2011. Today, these operating systems provide more than 80% coverage for smartphone and tablet users and, according to leading market analysts, this will rise to 90% by 2014.

The solution has been designed by ObjectWay Mobile Solutions unit, specialised in the ideation and creation of mobile applications. OWealth Apps is higly scalable, and therefore works effectively with a high number of users connected at the same time, it guarantees high safety standards, it provides both pushing and advertising mechanisms, and some of its features are available even in the absence of network connection in offline mode.

"The new application fully meets the needs of financial institutions to leverage mobile channels to increase productivity and the speed of communication and commercial network intervention to the benefit of the end user and the overall quality of service. In addition, it further enhances financial advisory services by allowing the end user to become an active part in exploitation of the service itself,” according to Alberto Cuccu, head of the Financial Software Business Unit of the ObjectWay Group. "OWealth Apps extends and completes our ObjectWay Financial Suite Personal Financial Planning platform and has been evaluated as a source of competitive advantage by our clients who already plan to use it. An important financial advice network will be the first to install the new platform before the end of the year."

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