Local Authority shows the way through innovative technology partnership with risk management/ corporate governance software provider JCAD Ltd.

Hampshire, UK - 19 November 2010

JCAD are proud to announce an agreement between itself and Lambeth London Borough Council to jointly develop and promote a new tool for audit and activity tracking.

This private/public partnership is an innovative approach by Lambeth which not only addresses a technology need at Lambeth but also a definite need within other organisations.
In addition, Lambeth have negotiated a royalties payment for the next two years meaning that additional revenues, albeit modest, will flow into the Council whenever JCAD implements the application within the UK.

Lambeth Council have been JCAD clients for over 14 years, successfully improving their Insurance Department with JCAD’s claims handling solution (LACHS) and more recently embedding risk management throughout the organisation with JCAD RISK.
As the need for greater internal audit and activity tracking increased, Lambeth researched a number of options and after many months remained dissatisfied until it was pointed out that there was potential in the customisation of the existing JCAD RISK application.

For JCAD, this offered a golden opportunity to progress to the next stage in their GRC (governance, risk management and compliance) development roadmap. By forming a partnership, JCAD were able to produce an off the shelf system using Lambeth’s customisation, terminology and setup.

“When we develop new software it is important that we capture client needs to the fullest. In the case of Lambeth we had a team of recognised experts in their field essentially designing a tool from scratch. Fortunately, through its design, the RISK system is able to accommodate for much customisation whilst maintaining the core features that make it so popular. ,” says JCAD’s Sales and Marketing Director, Phil Walden.

The JCAD Activity Tracker enables the capture, storage and review of all activities within an organisation. Whilst an essential tool for audit and recommendation scheduling it extends further, embracing sophisticated features for all business activities such as storing documents alongside the activity and diary reminders.

Organisations interested in the Activity Tracker can contact JCAD now and their customised system would be ready to use within a couple of weeks. More details can be found at www.jcad.com

Upcoming plans for the Activity Tracker include integrating it with the RISK application as well as incorporating further features suggested by clients.

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